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The Taxi Empowerment Initiative

Pricasso Agency and Consult Ltd is an empowerment licensed by the Dubai Government for the recruitment of Nigerian Youths for employment into the unskilled labour in the UAE. 

The company will also provide skills acquisition trainings and programmes to interested applicant in their various chosen industry and jobs to be qualified and compete amongst their counterparts from other parts of the world which will in turn provides social economic advancement, welfare and economic needs of artisans and the unskilled-employed.

With the near absence of productive and functional Technical Colleges in Nigeria and resultant lack of sufficient skills trained artisans in the advanced countries provides a huge opportunity for immigrants to seek employment and massive relocation in search of a better future.

For this and other reasons Precasso Consult was birthed to initiate a productive training in skills acquisition to create jobs for the youths in developed countries and salvage the unending quest for competent and productive skills supply in Nigeria.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to reduce the level of poverty from the under-privileged population who are denied the opportunity of a good standard of living from their acquired crafts and skilled and have become victims of various challenges from health, social to security crises arising from criminality, banditry, kidnapping and many other vices as being witnessed on a very high scale in Nigeria.




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